Thursday, April 21, 2011

G'day and welcome to a bumper long-weekend edition post! :)

Hello! Well I'd like to share some more of my layouts with you all using awesome Stuff 2 Scrap chippie! First up is "She just has this way of brightening the day". I just ADORE these lovely chipboard honey pot trees! They are "Leeann Pearce's Honey Pot Trees". I've just painted the tops red and white, then I simply outlined the edges in a Sharpie pen. I left the stalks raw... sweet!

Next up is "Show Time". I've used "Petrina's Koi chipboard embellishment" as a mask with white paint before sticking it on to my layout, outlining it with black pen and giving it a button and goggle eye combo! ;)

So the way I used my Koi chippy as a mask was to brush white acrylic paint (the brush is dry) and sort of "stipple" the paint all around the chippy.

Next is "Rocket Science (5,4,3,2,1) :D

The journalling reads "Hey Heidi - my love 4 u is not rocket science. How could it be? With this super face!" :D

I've stitched over and under these super awesome Stuff 2 Scrap Chipboard Rockets #001... I really DID have a "blast" doing this... lol. (Had to say it!) I love how Stuff 2 Scrap chippie isn't too thick - so easy to sew! ;)

Okay moving on and second last share is "Up Close and Personal!"...

Here I used Leeann's Mushroom Border - Medium, and I painted the mushrooms with acrylic paints (red and white), left the wavy part raw and then affixed my title over the top! Such FUNKY mushies!!!

Okay now my last share is called "Frogs" and is one of my faves...

I had these cute pics of my kids jumping on a trampoline like li'l froggies. So I have painted a swamp backdrop and hand drew the frog with coloured pencils.

LOVE this Stuff 2 Scrap chipboard - Sea Grass designed by Leeann Pearce, and some sweet clouds. I white-washed them by mixing white acrylic paint with water. This way the paint sinks into the chippie and you can still totally see the etched lines still.... see? :)

Well my blogging week is over for now, here at Stuff 2 Scrap. I hope you have enjoyed my creations using the best and funkiest chippie on the planet ever. I sure have enjoyed sharing them and I definately enjoyed creating them! Also, this week I have had two double layouts using lots of Stuff 2 Scrap chippie accepted for publication too by Australian Scrapbooking Memories so this stuff is rockin' out! :D

Stay tuned for more awesome shares soon from the talented team and have an awesome long weekend!



  1. my goodness Chantal! everyone those pages is a-amaingly gor-g-eous! x

  2. Oh How amazing are these layouts! so many wonderfully inspiring ideas! i'm all set for this long weekend! thanks for your amazing creations ladies!

  3. Lots and lots of great Lo's Chantal - you did great - well done!!

  4. Stop crazy chipboard girl.... YAY fantastic pages and you are one choice all the pages!!!!

  5. Thanks girls! And ROTFL @ Miss Wally! He he he he! :D