Friday, March 4, 2011

chipboard galore today.....

...ok you are all thinking whats with all these pages wally! 
Well you see this is the first "stuff 2 scrap blog" and I have always wanted a place to share my work with you all.... 
Plus it's a great opportunity to refresh myself and others on some of the AWESOME chipboard designs that are available. 
And these are some of my favorite pieces.

pumpkin pink journal it

ann lederhose block it
leeann pearce mini beach huts

leeann pearce whoo owls

leeann pearce bubble tree and pumpkin pink journal it

petrina nana's buckles

leeann pearce mini bird n cage

leeann pearce lazy days

leeann pearce lazy days and retro grass border

leeann pearce birdy in a bird cage

leeann pearce scallop border and pumpkin pink journal it

petrina's arty tree cards

pumpkin pink reindeer

leeann pearce birdy in a cage used as a mask

leeann pearce acrylic bird cage with place any where bird
...  you will notice that i have linked all the chipboard designs  (there are a few that are not up but we are working on getting everything back very soon.) - feel free to click on the links and have a look around ...

and thanks for letting me share these with you.

cheers leeann:)


  1. Goodness me, Miss Wally!!! These are SOOO STUNNING!!! You are amazingly gifted and how I love the chippie - what awesome inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing! :D

  2. Great projects- I'm finding so much inspiration on this site.
    1 Love the first one with all the color squares- fantastically attention grabbing.

  3. Love, love! TFS, Miss Wally :)