Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quick Gift!

Hey Hey Hey  : )

Here's hoping everyone has had a FABULOUSLY FAB weekend!!

In the week I had to create a last minute gift for a friend.....I didn't have anytime to pop to the shop......or much time to make a gift.....Soooooo I opened my draw full of Stuff 2 Scrap goodies....pulled a couple of bits out.....and started creating......

Both the card and the "Home Sweet Home" sign took me a little over half an hour....Noice!

For this card I used Ann's Rainy Day chippy. I gessoed it then coloured in with some indian ink markers.....then outlined with a black pen.

Next up I created a 'patchwork' little sign using a new frame chippy which will be in store very soon! I painted over it, stuck different bits of scrap paper to the back, sewed on it a bit with the sewing machine then stuck a doily in the middle, added alphas which I stitched over then popped on some sassafras lass flower stickers.....easy peasy!! I used a scrap peace of gingham fabric that I sewed on to hang it by!

Love and Peace xox

Jess M


  1. I can't wait until that shows up in the store :) Great sign, and I just love the bright color of the card and the doodly feel of it.

  2. Hi Jess, I love all the inspiration you've made for Stuff 2 Scrap - especially love that you went OTP - awesome work.