Thursday, May 19, 2011

more goodness...

sometimes its a battle to get behind the lense
maybe because it takes time to compose yourself
to set the camera on timer
but I challenged myself to scrap about me

you will see tucked under neath my layering
the chippie covered in white and black decorative tape
love the texture and the depth it gives the page

This page I created leaving the chippie raw
cute the twiggy tree down
and laid the twiggy tree on the side.

hope that inspires you today.
Happy Thursday
Flis x


  1. totally lovely...... once again!! lots of little hidden treasures all over your pages - i like the embellishment with the gems (can't remember what they are called)

  2. Oh these are devine, Flis!!! So lovely!

  3. love both these layouts...little bits everywhere

  4. Flis i love all your clusters of embellies and your color choices at the moment... gorgeous pages as always too!