Monday, October 24, 2011

How about dressing up your chippie with patterned paper, beads and twine? :D

Yes, I love trees! I am loving real trees and also chippie trees! Did you know that Stuff 2 Scrap's store have some lovely ones to chose from? :D

Here's a closie of my chippie tree...

Here I have outlined the tree onto the back of some cheery OA pp, turned it over and used a gel pen to copy the original design which was already on the chippie (which is about to be covered up), glued on the pp, cut the trunk to tuck on either side of the photo so it looks l o n g, then once attached to my layout I glued little heart beads where the hearts were drawn, and stuck little bits of Green Tara twine into each hole as stems (and glued them into place).

Ta-dah!!! My love for trees has now been documented! :D


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