Friday, October 21, 2011

Mini Canvas

I'm a LAYOUT GIRL though & though!!
Layouts are What I ENJOY the MOST...... I do the Occasional Card (which I am enjoying more all the time)
& have Created 2 OTP TOTAL!!
I know what your Thinking WHAT THE..
I'm Always  AMAZED & Inspired by the STUNNING Creations people do Create!!!!!!!!!!
SO I tried to jump out of my Comfort zone (But only by a little)   LOL!
& Created this MINI CANVAS for my Boy!!!
YEP! Still like a layout, BUT on a Canvas instead......  heheheh 
                                  He ABSOLUTELY LOVED it & Asked if I could make 1 for
                                  each of his Gr8  Catches..... Gee! What have a I done..... LOL!
                                             A Close UP on the STUFF 2 SCRAP  word Chippie - Catch!!!
The weekend is just around the Corner!!!
& if you got some time you should really Play along with our
 OCTOBER CHALLENGE which the Lovely Anita has set
CLICK HERE for all the info.. 
WE would LOVE to see your Creations!!
Wishing you all A WONDERFUL Weekend.....


  1. Oooh! Fabulous, Rach!!! So is this your 3rd OTP then? If so, then you're one up on me LOL! :D

  2. love the paintwork and that photo is too cute!